Diamond index watch

Diamond index watch

Pristine German engineering is beautifully displayed in Tufina’s diamond index watches.
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        Tufina: Chic and elegance meet innovation

        A diamond index watch is loved by watch aficionados who opt for elegant and sophisticated timepieces. These gorgeous markers serve an aesthetic function, creating an aura of glamor. Tufina offers an array of models for diamond index watches. From minimalistic designs with shining jewels to extravagant compositions paired with bold bezels, Tufina has it all. Browse through our collections - Theorema and Pionier - to find your perfect diamond timepiece.

        Luxury Diamond index watches

        Diamonds have always been a characteristic element of luxury watches. A diamond index watch combines a glamorous aesthetic with functionality. These sparkling markers are a popular option for those who prefer extravagant wrist watches. The shine and sparkle guaranteed by these precious gems add to the visual worth of these timepieces.

        A diamond index watch may have a diamond placed on every hour index. Alternatively, only the three, six, nine and twelve o’clock positions can be marked with a diamond. In any case, these precious components serve not only as decorative elements, but also as easily distinguishable indices. Eye-catching and modern, a diamond index watch is bound to always remain in style.

        Diamond index watch from Tufina: Priceless designs

        If you’re looking for a spectacular diamond index watch, Chicago from the Pionier collection is bound to satisfy your taste. This authentic timepiece features an in-house automatic movement with 35 jewels. The dial is adorned with 10 diamonds, guaranteeing a luxurious look and unmatched value. The display has a day and date calendar, perfect for the practical gentleman. With sapphire coated lens and genuine leather straps or stainless steel bracelets, this watch guarantees unparalleled durability and resilience. 

        The New York Diamonds from the same collection is another excellent choice. Featuring an in-house 20 rubies movement and full calendar compilation, this timepiece is the manifestation of the core German principles regarding value and utility. The Roman numerals are skillfully matched with the gorgeous 8 diamond placement. If you’re looking for a diamond index watch with an open front and back composition, New York Diamonds should be your first pick.

        Made in Germany diamond index watches

        Tufina watches are created in Germany, strictly following the laws and regulations of the country. Drawing inspiration from the nation's centuries-long tradition of watchmaking, our craftsmen have managed to combine practicality and beauty. Established and licensed in Munich in 2004, our Theorema and Pionier collections are proudly renowned for their excellent quality.

        With the integration of our own internal mechanisms and attractive designs, these watches provide a great blend of precision engineering and aesthetic appeal. The utilization of genuine materials and innovative structures are outlined in these impeccable timepieces. The outcome of an extended process of detailed design and handcrafting, these German-made watches deliver elite worth.

        Our Promise to You

        Tufina is devoted to offering the finest quality Diamond Index Watches for men, ensuring that they are legitimate, up to German watchmaking standards, and have an impressive style. Our goal is to provide handmade luxurious watches for men that express our admiration for top-notch watchmaking. Crafted with great care we are pleased to present some of the best diamond watches out there. Offering an array of options, you are sure to find an attractive wrist watch that flatters your wardrobe.