After many many hours of thoughts, designs, and endless labor, we are proud to launch our newest addition to the Theorema collection. Probably the most aesthetic mechanical automatic watch in store and available for purchase.

In Love with Helsinki
The Made in Germany Helsinki Theorema offers a great deal of elegance from the engineering perspective. There is an abundance of beauty in this wristwatch. The classically sophisticated skeleton showcased with a modern elegant representation of the subdial. The immaculate attention to detail is so visible on the face of this masterpiece. One can get lost in the countless components. The traditional signature mark of the Theorema brand with its skeletonized mechanical automatic movement will make for a great qualitative accessory. 22 rubies jewels inside the mechanism make sure that it runs as smooth as possible without losing that distinctive tic sound of a mechanical wrist motion powered timepiece. The fit and finish of the dial, case, markers, hands, and numbers are precisely defined in an astonishing high-resolution caliber. Theorema's effort is as uniformly marvelous across its product lines, this mastery is standard from watch to watch, and bestowed to the positive impression Theorema watches seem to make.

How to wear this watch?
The Made in Germany Helsinki Theorema comes in different colors. If you are planning to wear it to work or on a daily basis, we do recommend picking a lighter color face. If this watch will be your evening to go timepiece then best if a darker color, it will suit you and your surroundings best. The Helsinki model does fit a lot of different lifestyles because in this modern world our watches must adapt to the many outfits men wear. Do keep in mind, this watch has been designed with the gentleman in mind. Yes, this can’t be your dive watch or bicycling fit-bit. And our final extra tip: match the color of the watch’s band with the colors of your outfit. Or at least match it with the dominant color in your wardrobe, because that is the color you mostly wear.

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