Besides our ambitions in watchmaking, we also write and publish our own blog posts. They are full of insights, tips, and lots of secrets in the world of watchmaking.

Love at first sight "Made in Germany Barcelona Pionier"

It’s the attention to details that makes the difference between average and stunning. 

21,600 vibrations per hour - Fantastic!

The Madrid is a beautiful watch with a strong heart in other words 21,600 vibration per hour. 

People are going crazy for this watch!

When the German powerhouse Theorema first introduced the Made in Germany Oman see through mechanical skeleton, we all knew it...

Amsterdam - Made in Germany Automatic Watch by Pionier

The wonderful city of Amsterdam was very much deserving of a beautiful wristwatch. The city that was once called home...

Our happy customer Kyle.

At Tufina Watches we are proud to say that sometimes between us and the customer a special relation is build....

The elegance of a mechanical skeleton watch

Don't be surprised if often you catch yourself holding this watch an inch from your face marveling at the endless...

Our Black on Black watches will leave you speechless.

In the fashion world, black has long been synonymous with elegance and refinement. Yet, it took a long time for...


After many many hours of thoughts, designs, and endless labor, we are proud to launch our newest addition to the...

The watch inspired by Sir Isaac Newton.

The T4004 Made in Germany Newton is a rarity for Theorema Watches. This masterpiece is cased in stainless steel A+...

Lagos - Authentic German Design

The Made in Germany Lagos from the German powerhouse is a true statement of a quality watch. The display of...

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