Our Black on Black watches will leave you speechless.

Our Black on Black watches will leave you speechless.

In the fashion world, black has long been synonymous with elegance and refinement.

Yet, it took a long time for the world of watchmakers to agree to take the plunge to switch to the black dial. In recent years the full black trend has attracted more and more watch collectors, even the most traditional, and every major watchmaker is offering more black on black creative watches. The full black seduces the buyer because of its original aestheticism, but also due to its capacity to associate simplicity and sophistication. The black on black offers the possibility to wear the same watch on a tennis court and for a chic evening.

For several years now Tufina has been a pioneer in this trend, and we offer full black models which combine a modern, functional, and distinguished design.

Starting with the Paris Theorema model. Who better than Paris represents elegance, improvement, and luxury? The model T3012-4 offers a sleek design accentuated by the monochrome black. All the sophistication of the model jumps to the eyes instantly with its dual time zone and its large golden Roman numerals. Its automatic mechanical movement also reflects these characteristics. The automatic watch is easy to use and offers the refinement of mechanical watches for fans of traditional timepieces.

We find this same elegance for the model Damascus Theorema T3008-8 and T3008-4 even with a sporty look. Whether on a real cow leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet, black on black brings a distinguished touch to the modern design. The complexity of the dial catches the eye at first sight. The golden or silver numerals allow a clear and functional reading of the dial. Then the modernity is at the highest point with the 10 diamonds whose brilliance is accentuated by the black dial.

Finally, the Marco Polo Theorema proves that chic and sleek design can coexist. Indeed the GM-3005-A3 model offers a simple and clear dial that goes perfectly with a casual outfit. The 8 diamonds on the black dial and the full black offer elegance that combine perfectly with a distinguished and dressed look. A smooth automatic movement powers its handsome skeletonized dial. Marco Polo is a bold and functional watch.

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