Who Are We

From early modern clock towers to quaint pocket-watches, to contemporary tourbillon time-pieces, Tufina Watches’ legacy can be measured in centuries, not decades. Who are we, and what will you find here with us?

Our journey in handmade mechanical-quality watches began in the early 1800s, in the charting of an exotic route from Tirana, to Istanbul, and to the British home of Edward Prior. Ismail Tufina, wondrous traveler-jeweler, invested the early years of his life in the business of time-keeping. From Prior, he picked up a European trade of watchmaking, and in return, passed on the learnings of his family’s jewel business.

One must understand that from that fusion of ideas between two craftsmen comes almost 200 years of a refined technique. Sophisticated materials and jeweled mechanisms equal a beautiful watch - this is a formula that brings together the best of artistic talent and scientific methodology.

“Watchmaking is in my blood. To be a good watchmaker was all i ever wanted.”

- B. Tufina

Tufina is a brand powered by open-minded innovators in a family tradition of eight generations. Today, from Germany and the USA, the leaders of the brand are some of the direct descendants of Tufina. Keeping our grandfather's vision in mind, we are committed to creating partnerships through our watches that benefit all.

Our consumer base is built on authentic, long-lasting relationships with all those who believe in the rewards of tradition and style. Our customers are not just our customers - we look to them for guidance and inspiration. We make watches for them to be able to have strong relationships and family traditions, too.


Theorema & Pionier


When you look at the Theorema watch, think festive or fancy. A Zurich Tourbillon for an annual celebration with close acquaintances. A gold-clasp Casablanca for an important business meeting that needs every bit of your confidence to ensure your success. An intriguing Madrid timepiece for an intimate date with candlelights by a riverside restaurant, or within the cool-colored walls of an upscale bistro. A watch from our Theorema collections gives your company the impression that you’re looking to make, with the subtlest touch of seriousness.

The skeletonized mechanism of the watch lets you into the inner workings of a beautiful machine. With visible gears and metalworks that allow you to know exactly how its wonderful time-keeping formula works, it is as though you’re looking at a perfect theorem.


The Pionier is, as its name suggests, usually worn by the fresh, always-innovative and modern businessman. The wonderful thing about a watch from this collection is that any of the lines bring sophistication along with a novelty in design. Allow the Geneva Tourbillon to show you how - it is a limited edition watch that keeps you on the go with its hard exterior and refreshing intricacy. Or look to the square crown of the Louvre with uniquely-fractured interiors on the face of the watch.

The Barcelona has acute and fine detail while retaining fashion quality, and is built to last. The Amsterdam wristwatch is a striking masterpiece but has a highly organized feel to its face and crown etchings. Walk into the room with one of these on your wrist, and you’ll be the smartest person there.

Expanding into Women’s Watches

Sharing the experience of our watches is integral to the upkeep of our centuries-old tradition. The gentleman’s timepiece can be part of anyone’s life, anyone who preserves the aesthetic, modern and scientific values of a skeletal wristwatch like ours. Tufina Watches features two special lines of watches, The Lady Butterfly and The Madame Butterfly to women who desire the spectacular design, intricacy and sturdiness of the mechanical watches we have come to perfect. Their lens carry a sapphire coat and come with genuine leather bands. Their uniqueness is second to none.

Ladies, too, can take advantage of the self-sustaining winding infrastructure of our timepieces. For long and for the foreseeable future, our inspiration comes from generations of value for the stylish gentleman. It is within our dream to be able to provide the same interaction that a man can have with his watch, to a stylish, modern, refined lady.

Our History

Since it’s establishment in 1828 the firm has been owned by the Tufina family. For us in the beginning it was the tower clocks, long case clocks, pocket watches; then the gentlemen wristwatches. Through generations of devotion and hardships our family counts 35 watchmakers. In the last century Tufina partnered with some of Europe’s finest watch companies; while in this century, we are a strong independent company on our own. Tufina has remained true to its heritage and its time-honored watchmaker’s values.

Our Values

The excellent attention to every detail during the making and the design process gives each Theorema and Pionier timepieces importance as well as purpose. Tufina’s desire and vision has always been to produce designs that captivate every successful and cosmopolitan man and woman. Tufina Watches has an intimate understanding of the way innovative people think. That is why our wristwatches are individually hand-assembled. Our métier lives in our own clear identity. Tufina has the ability to create wristwatches that combine tradition and innovation.

Our Commitment Beyond Watches

Tufina family is a strong upholder of gender-inclusive policies, an attitude of worker safety and fairness. We are a venture that is proud of all cultural roots, teachings of peace, education, knowledge-sharing, faith, and the growing innovation of art and science.

With good fortune comes a responsibility to pay it forward. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to support others.

This has been the guiding principle of our family, and the Firdeus Foundation, of which we are part. We would never use our ads platform to brag about it, because it is against our believes, but we are happy to share that some of your money goes towards good deeds. The main focus is on sick children in poverty by assuring they get the adequate medical help at the right time. Through their operations, we are enabled to do our part in helping those in need. Tufina family is able to donate funds and support towards the creation of homes and the resettlement of families and individuals that have suffered adverse conditions of poverty, unemployment, and tragedy. Our donations go towards helping rebuild lives. We have long supported the operations of the charitable-cultural organization, which focuses on the promotion of peace, kindness, and selflessness.

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