In 1822 our great-great grandfather assembled the mechanism of the clock of Tirana. Still standing today and protected as a European cultural monument. A year before 1822, he had taken the long journey to travel to London and meet with the famous British Prior watchmakers. Many of Tirana families made donations to make this clock possible. The mechanism was huge with four faces, and one could hear the clock’s bell few miles away. The journey was long, the work was hard, but his name will never fade away.


Handmade in 1868 by our forefathers and reconstructed in 2014 by our cousin, young master watchmaker, A. Tufina. This watch stayed hidden for 45 years during communism. The reason being that many of Tufina’s family properties and belongings were confiscated by force from the communists. This is one of the very few relics that our family could help persevere.


Our great-great uncle. Born in the 19 century, he was a man of a few words and a master watchmaker in Swiss Made wall clocks. During the late 1930's in Europe, our great-grandfather and H. Tufina donated to the Presidential Room and Prime-Minister’s Room two Swiss Made wall clocks with the brand "Tufina Brothers". These clocks are still present today in both rooms. Persecuted and imprisoned by the communists, our uncle stood tall all of his life


Our great-grandfather. He was born in the far year of 1888. At the beginning of the 20th century, he was considered one of the best mechanical watchmakers of his time. A man of 1001 stories. One of his best personal features was his ability of storytelling. He could tell endless stories that taught life lessons about different situations. We should actually publish a book about all he passed on. In the beginning of the 20th century, he was the first one to get Tufina in partnership with the famous Swiss watch companies such as Longines, Eberhard, Omega etc. Even though he was persecuted by the communists at an old age, he died a very happy man.

20th Century

A few of the relics that still remain with us from our forefathers. A traveler’s clock from the early years of the 20th century. It was made by our ancestors and brought to life again by our cousin, young master watchmaker, A. Tufina. It is such a treasure to have these clocks sharply working again.


Our sweet and dear grandfather who raised us. He is greatly missed. He was a man of many passions. An excellent watchmaker, he could build a watch from scratch with his bare hands. A very talented jeweler, he loved designing and creating necklaces, rings etc. A very promising photographer, thanks to him we have hundreds of photos in our Tufina family archive. But most importantly, he loved helping the poor and people in need. This quality can be said for all Tufina family members. “How can I turn down a man that knocks for help at my door” - he would say. He was imprisoned by the communists who confiscated all Tufina’s properties and belongings. He endlessly worked as a watchmaker until he grew old.


Our dear uncle. He was born in the beginning of the 20th century. Not only was he a patriot, but an amazing watchmaker too. He owned his line of wristwatches, which he named after himself. His astonishing timepieces famously sold in all Italy and Austria. It has been said that one of his favourite cities was Bari, Italy. He was shot dead by the communists in mid’40s. Such a tragic end to a great adventurer.


Tradition goes beyond time. In this case, it extends among heritable bloodline. In 2004 in Germany Mr. Enis Tufina launched and licensed the two brands that represent the core of the Tufina company. Theorema and Pionier watches are located in Munich, Germany. The manifestation of the brands is extended in today’s market by the desire to create some of the finest luxury wristwatches in the market, combined with pricing that is affordable for anyone.


Since January 2016 Tufina has officially expanded in Chicago, USA to better serve and reach the North & South America customers. Our hard work and dedication to our family’s company and to our customers are being rewarded with the expansion of this tradition. Thank you to all that have made our two brands a success.

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