The elegance of a mechanical skeleton watch

The elegance of a mechanical skeleton watch

The newest addition to the Theorema line is the elegant mechanical see-through skeleton Made in Germany Toronto. The sculptural aesthetics of this watch will fascinate anyone with a sense of art and rarity. The timekeeping practicality here is user-friendly. Set the time, wind the watch, let the power reserve kick in, and enjoy a light and an eye-catching unaccustomed timepiece.

The complex of its mechanical movement is all showcased front and back. As you wind the watch you will instantly fall in love with the beauty of the mechanism. Don't be surprised if often you catch yourself holding this watch an inch from your face marveling at the endless details of its skeletonized face. We will understand if you will feel a little overwhelmed when you first put this masterpiece on your wrist. It happened to us too. The watch has an elegant design and a light feel, nonetheless immediately as you put it on you will feel not only the smoothness as it seats on your wrist also the.

The fashionable shape of the watch with a round finish to the case and a very classical crown are signs of a wonderful gentlemen's watch. The 17 rubies in the mechanism will add charm not only to the watch but will compliment your outfit. The release date for the Made in Germany Toronto Theorema was August 2018. In with the new trends, which explains the modish overall design. The German designers from Theorema did not only focus on the design but greatly the details too. The skeleton markers and very empirical hands make it super easy to read time. Something that a lot of other skeletonized watches fail to do. We invite you to get lost in the captivating dial of this pièce de résistance. The robust build of the case which guarantees for a long-lasting quality wristwatch.

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