Arabic number index dial

Arabic number index dial

Arabic number index dial are ideal for those who want to look fresh and stylish at all times. Flattering for both a casual outing or a fancy event.
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        Tufina: A product of dedication and creative freedom

        Arabic number index dial watches have become very popular in recent years. Tufina offers a variety of designs for Arabic numeral timepieces. In some models these carefully polished Arabic numerals mark every hour of the day, while in others they can be seen in specific clock positions. Our two representative collections - Theorema and Pionier -  showcase unique and chic Arabic numeral watches for those who prefer a combination of practicality and style.

        Luxury Arabic number index dial men’s watches

        Many luxury watches for men feature an Arabic number index dial. This stylish design option is favored among watch collectors and the general public. Easy to read and practical, Arabic number indices are a common choice for many luxury watch brands. As such, Tufina provides some of the most distinguished models which feature Arabic number index dials.

        The placement of the Arabic markers can differ. You can opt for an Arabic number index dial where every hour is marked. This arrangement is usually preferred by those who prioritize functionality. However, you can choose a watch where Arabic numerals are placed only on the third, sixth, ninth and twelfth position. This composition is a bit more fashionable and elegant, and it often allows for a more minimalistic design.

        Arabic number index dial watch from Tufina

        If you’re looking for an extravagant Arabic number index dial timepiece consider Amsterdam Calendar from the Pionier collection. This superb luxury watch features a fascinating in-house movement with 35 rubies and a full calendar compilation. Its carbon fiber composition makes this watch a masterpiece of German engineering. The Arabic numerals compliment the multi-tone dial beautifully. To top it off, the open front and back design allows the wearer to appreciate the fine mechanisms which breathe life into this timepiece.

        Another excellent choice would be Barbados from the same collection. Featuring an automatic in-house movement with 20 rubies, this timepiece delivers outstanding accuracy and durability. The calendar compilation adds a layer of practicality to this elegant Arabic number index dial watch. With a multi-tone dial, Barbados is one of the most fashionable timepieces in the market.

        German Arabic number index dial watches

        Our German-made timepieces are tailored for special purposes, with both internal and external improvements taking place every year. They are known for their accuracy, practicality and price-friendly models which deliver unparalleled quality. This is not unexpected, considering the country's well-known reputation for its top-notch engineering and craftsmanship.

        All the details in our Arabic number index dial watches are carefully cut and polished manually, with all the mechanisms inspected twice to ensure they are efficient and running smoothly. Our German watches range from low-priced to expensive, but regardless of their cost, they all come with a luxurious appearance. These timepieces are renowned for their accuracy, focus on utility, technical prowess, and admiration for efficiency.

        Our promise to you

        Our mission is to deliver unique Arabic number index dial watches for fashionable gentlemen. We invest our efforts into creating special edition timepieces that are available in a limited stock. Every single one of our timepieces is the product of continuous handcrafting work. A perfect combination of intricate details and durable features manifest into these high-end watches. Made to impress, our collections have an array of models guaranteed to compliment your style.