Diamond markers

Diamond markers

If you appreciate the inner workings and mechanisms of a quality timepiece, a diamond markers watch may be the right choice for you.
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        Tufina: Watches for the finest taste

        People who are passionate about watches are very fond of timepieces that have diamond markers. These elements enhance the elegance and sophistication of the watch, and make it appear more glamorous. Consequently, they provide a brilliant aesthetic purpose. Tufina offers an extensive selection of watches with diamond markers. You can choose from minimalistic styles with glittering gems to opulent designs with striking bezels. Explore our Theorema and Pionier collections to discover your ideal diamond watch.

        Luxury watches with diamond markers

        Watches with diamond markers offer an exquisite look to any outfit. Not only do they look glamorous and stylish, but they also offer a number of benefits. The diamond markers are much more durable than other materials, so the watch will last for longer. Additionally, diamond markers can be set in a variety of metals, so you can find a watch that is perfect for your needs. 

        Furthermore, the diamond markers are also scratch-resistant and reflect light better than other materials, giving the watch a glossy and luxurious look. As such, these exceptional timepieces offer a whole host of benefits, from durability and resilience to a chic and extravagant aesthetic. Ideal for all kinds of events, a diamond wrist watch can elevate any look.

        Watches with diamond markers from Tufina

        A mesmerizing diamond marker timepiece admired by all watch admirers is the Florida Diamonds from the Pionier collection. Built with an in-house 20 rubies automatic movement, sapphire coated lens and a butterfly buckle, this robust timepiece guarantees exceptional robustness. Its gorgeous 12 diamond markers create an aura of prestige and luxury. The full calendar compilation makes this timepiece a practical and reliable accessory for the busy gentleman.

        Another brilliant choice would be London Diamonds from the same collection. Similarly to Florida Diamonds, this high-end timepiece features an in-house 20 rubies automatic movement. The dial is meticulously adorned with 6 diamond markers and a date calendar compilation. The butterfly buckle, sapphire coated lens and authentic bands guarantee unmatched resilience and longevity. 

        German-made diamond markers watches

        Tufina wristwatches are produced in Germany, following a production process which strictly adheres to the laws and rules of the country. Our artisans draw inspiration from the long German history of watchmaking and combine practicality and visual appeal into their creations. Established and officially licensed in Munich, Theorema and Pionier, our two iconic collections, deliver outstanding models for diamond incorporated watches.

        Utilizing our own internal components and sophisticated designs, these watches offer remarkable worth for their engineering and aesthetics. Genuine materials and inventive structures are displayed in our limited edition wrist watches. After a lengthy procedure of careful design and handcrafting, these watches epitomize the highest values of luxury accessories.

        Our Promise to You

        Tufina is committed to offering remarkable quality diamond marker watches for men, promising genuineness and remarkable fashion. Our purpose is to deliver handmade luxury men's watches that express our values and enthusiasm for quality watchmaking. Manufactured in full adherence with German regulations, we are pleased to present some of the best diamond timepieces that you can find. With an abundance of configuration choices, you are certain to discover a stunning timepiece which speaks of extravagance and finesse.