Dual time watches

Dual time watches

Our dual time watches come in amazing designs to thrill even the pickiest customer. Our timepieces are known for their longevity, beauty, and glamor.
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        Trusting Tufina: A brand powered by innovation and creativity

        Tufina has been a symbol of watchmaking excellence for over two hundred years. Our dual time watches have become symbols of status and sophistication. In 2004, Theorema and Pionier, our two distinct collections, were released and certified in Munich. Today, we are proud to present our made-in-Germany dual time watches - a product of passion and fine expertise in horology.

        Luxury Dual Time Watches

        Dual time watches have a display which features two separate times. Apart from chronographs and calendar timepieces, these watches that can display multiple time zones simultaneously are some of the most practical choices one can make when purchasing a good watch. These dual time timepieces are ideal for those who prefer an active lifestyle filled with travels, as well as for people who have to move around a lot for work. There is no need to take out your phone to check the time as these watches guarantee precise accuracy. These dependable timepieces are the perfect option for the practical man.

        Dual Time Watches from Tufina

        If you're in the market for a stunning dual-time watch, the Zurich Tourbillon is worth considering. This impressive and long-lasting luxury mechanical tourbillon has a dual-time with a sun & moon phase display. The handcrafted Zürich tourbillon is an aesthetically pleasing mechanical timepiece that is highly precise and has an intricate system in which the power is evenly transmitted to the escapement, allowing for unmatched accuracy.

        Furthermore, consider Oman from the Theorema collection. This stunning timepiece was specifically crafted for the modern and refined man. Its German-made Dual-Time design allows your imagination to run free. It was specially constructed for the sophisticated and fashionable gentleman. This timepiece gives off a dynamic appearance which speaks of outstanding fashion sense. A perfect combination of traditional elements and cutting-edge details, making it the ideal accessory.

        Made in Germany Luxury Dual Time Watches

        The watchmaking history of Tufina dates back to 1828, with it being handed down through eight generations of gifted craftsmen. The company remains to be managed by the same family and is renowned for its luxurious, handmade watches of outstanding quality. We use the latest advancements and the well-known German watchmaking technique to make top-notch watches that are built and put together by hand.

        Tufina provides men with remarkable dual-time watches, created in limited quantities. By selecting Tufina, you will be able to experience the excellence of unique and carefully crafted watches, instead of mass-produced items. Every part of our timepieces is of exceptional quality. The cases are produced using stainless steel while the straps are created from genuine cow leather. All stages of the manufacturing procedure are done with great attention to detail, delivering unparalleled timepieces for the gentleman who expects the best.

        Our promise to you

        Our mission is to craft watches that demonstrate German engineering and are designed to endure years of use. Our timepieces offer elegance, prestige, and opulence to anyone who desires them. Their eye-catching design makes them an unforgettable addition to your look. Whether you are looking for a stand-out piece or an everyday adornment, our lavish dual-time men's watches are essential for your collection.