Ladies watch

Ladies watch

Tufina has a variety of designs and mechanisms that will perform beyond expectations and provide lasting quality.

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        Tufina: A special spot for women’s watches

        Authentic watches for women can serve as a precious accessory for any lady. If you're looking for a fine ladies watch, Tufina offers two outstanding models for the women who prefer luxury and style. Designed to deliver unmatched precision and an elegant aesthetic, these ladies timepieces are a must for any woman’s wardrobe. You can choose  between a variety of models while knowing that high-end quality is guaranteed. Browse through our Theorema collection to find the perfect addition for your jewelry collection.

        Luxury ladies watches

        Fashion and accessories go hand in hand. That’s why a nice ladies watch is an irreplaceable element for every stylish women's attire. We understand the importance of having a reliable timepiece that you can easily match with any outfit and look. That’s why we have specifically designed two models for women who are looking for a ladies watch that can serve as a staple piece.

        Featuring Swarovski diamonds and gorgeous butterfly designs, these women’s watches speak of femininity and finesse. Skeletonized compositions create a harmonious and hypnotic aesthetic. Available in a variety of color arrangements, these superb timepieces flatter any style. The ideal accessory for the fashionable lady, these high-end wrist watches are carefully curated up to the smallest detail.

        Ladies watch from Tufina: Glamorous designs

        If you’re looking for a ladies watch which speaks of luxury and elegance consider the following timepieces from our Theorema collection. Lady Butterfly features an in-house mechanical movement with 20 rubies, ensuring unmatched accuracy and precision. Masterfully adorned with 11 Swarovski diamonds, this exquisite timepiece is made for the glamorous and classy woman. A limited edition ladies watch, Lady Butterfly makes for an irreplaceable accessory.

        We can’t help but mention Madame Butterfly, another fascinating timepiece of outstanding quality. This high-end ladies watch is built with an in-house 22 rubies automatic movement. Its durability and precision are a perfect depiction of the German standards of watchmaking. This gorgeous women’s watch is brilliantly decorated with 82 Swarovski diamonds, creating an unmistakable hypnotizing design. The shiny luminous hands and fish skin pattern leather band complete the whole look.

        Made-in-Germany ladies watches

        Tufina offers the ultimate quality for women’s watches, crafted with the excellence of German engineering. With superior toughness, pinpoint accuracy and classic designs, these watches are made to deliver outstanding mechanical value. Thanks to our highly proficient artisans, the core values of German craftsmanship are brought to life.

        We make sure that we maintain the highest standards of quality throughout our whole manufacturing process, from design to final production. Every movement is carefully examined once it is constructed. Every single component is tested prior to it being assembled into the attractive stainless steel casing. In this way we guarantee that extreme attention is given to each aspect of our watchmaking technique.

        Our Promise to You

        At Tufina, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier women’s watches. We are constantly exploring new approaches to create timepieces that are stylish and authentic. Our women's watches represent the pinnacle of creativity and innovation, crafted with the finest materials and constructed with great care. Our timepieces are ideal for the woman who seeks a feminine and yet daring look. Made to impress, these timepieces are built with the fashionable lady in mind.