mechanical hand wind watches

Mechanical hand wind watches

For individuals that appreciate hand-crafted technology, and want to make a statement, mechanical hand wind watches are the perfect choice.
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        Tufina: A long tradition of exceptional watchmaking

        First released in the 1800s Tufina watches have become an icon in the watchmaking industry. Highly appreciated by professionals and watch lovers, Tufina mechanical hand-wind watches have found popularity as one of the best combinations of traditional and modern. Handmade in Germany, these watches have been highly loved by everybody through the years, thanks to their premium quality and authentic details.

        Sahara: A hand-wound watch with immortal finesse

        Sahara GM-119-6 in black, part of the Thorema collection, was first made in 2020. Created with luminous hands, a genuine cow leather band, and a sapphire-coated lens Sahara is probably one of the timepieces that makes the biggest difference in the Theorema collection. A mixture of classy decoration and outstanding artisanal watchmaking, this Made in Germany watch is top-tier. What makes it so special is its incabloc- type shock protection.

        Venezia: Impressive craftsmanship

        With a stainless steel case and a dimension of 44 mm the Venezia Theorema GM-118-10 in silver blue revolves around the greatest and most impressive craftsmanship amidst the Tufina watches. Named also as the legacy of watchmaking, the Made in Germany Venezia Theorema has a special type of handicraft embroidery. Venezia Theorema is a mechanical watch with 17 jewels and a sapphire-coated lens that makes it a timepiece with a solid identity that hides a story within itself.

        Toronto: Luxurious manual winding 

        When talking about luxurious manual winding watches, the handmade in Germany, Toronto Theorema GM-106-9 found in gold has probably the most mechanical grace and the most marvelous feel and look. With a mechanical movement with 17 jewels, a stainless steel case and strap, and a sapphire-coated lens, Toronto Theorema remains one of the utmost endurings and not easily neglected timepieces.

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        The values of our family and our watches go beyond the simple etiquette of “watches”. We try to advertise safety and justice as much as we can and we respect highly where we came from, our roots, and our knowledge but also your faith, needs, and wants. We try to implement in our creations your taste with a spark of innovation and modernity. We are thankful for every one of you and your contributions. Not only to use, as a watchmaking family, but also for children in need. 

        To express our gratitude, we have decided to collaborate with the Firdeus Foundation so we can give back what you give to us. Our only aims are to keep customers happy, and children in need too. With every watch you buy, you are giving much more to those who have nothing or little. We try to help as much as we can those in conditions of poverty, unemployment, and tragedy. We support every organization that promotes peace, kindness, and selflessness.