Mechanical watches for women Tufina

Mechanical watches for women

These timepieces have been popular for a long time and are still highly esteemed by those who like luxury, glamor, and prestige.
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        Tufina: A special fondness for mechanical watches

        Mechanical watches for women are made to deliver the wonders of mechanical engineering to the women’s market. Tufina offers some of the most alluring designs for mechanical watches for women. Ensuring limited edition timepieces crafted with great care, we aim to guarantee outstanding value in terms of both utility and aesthetics. Take a look at our Theorema collection and pick a model which works best for you.

        Luxury mechanical watches for women

        In history, mechanical watches have usually been a staple for men’s watches. However, mechanical movements perform wonderfully in feminine timepieces as well. Combining outstanding precision with elegant designs, our mechanical watches for women offer the best of both worlds. 

        These exquisite wrist watches are a fusion of brilliant engineering and hypnotic aesthetics. The traditional aspect of hand-winding mechanical watches for women adds to the sentimental value of these timepieces. Specifically designed for ladies who appreciate high-end watches, these luxury accessories are bound to satisfy the luxurious women.

        Mechanical watches for women from Tufina: Captivating compositions

        The Lady Butterfly from the Theorema collection is an amazing mechanical watch for women. This exquisite timepiece is equipped with an in-house movement, 20 rubies, luminous hands and 11 Swarovski diamonds, making it a truly dazzling statement piece. For those looking for a spectacular timepiece, Lady Butterfly is a great choice. 

        The Swarovski diamonds add a fine touch to the unique open back design. A  mechanical watch for women that perfectly represents an ideal combination of elegance, sophistication and style. This piece comes with a genuine leather band in a fish skin pattern for an extravagant look. Alternatively, you can choose the stainless steel bracelet option which guarantees a secure and comfortable fit.

        Made in Germany mechanical watches for women

        The German watches we offer boast a distinct style and place a great emphasis on precision engineering and straightforwardness. They are seen as top-of-the-line, accurate instruments that are meticulously built and exact thanks to cutting-edge watchcrafting techniques. The models join the Bauhaus concept of form following purpose, however, they add a layer of chic and grace. This exemplifies our artisan’s creative expression that is second to none.

        We are very proud of our long watchmaking tradition, which goes back to the year 1828. When you choose a Tufina mechanical watch, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the product of an intricate process of design, testing and handmade manufacturing. We provide a vast selection of watches made in Germany, with choices to fit any budget - from entry-level luxury watches to higher-end tourbillons.

        Our Promise to You

        Our objective is to provide the highest quality of workmanship, consistent with the German practice of watch production. Our luxury women’s mechanical watches offer ultimate worth. Meticulously made with great attention to detail, these timepieces incorporate genuine materials and components. Exceptional excellence is guaranteed to last for years. Designed for those who prefer the most exquisite pieces in timeless luxury watches, we are sure you will find the ideal timepiece for you.