Roman numeral dial

Roman numeral dial

Roman numeral dial watches from Tufina guarantee durability and longevity.

anyone wearing our timepieces won’t have to worry about water contact in daily use.

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        Tufina: A fusion of vision and mastery

        If you are in search of a luxury timepiece with a Roman numeral dial, Tufina's selection is sure to have something for you. They have a wide range of choices, varying from skeletonized designs and minimalist models to watches with highly intricate details. No matter what you're looking for, our collection has something for everyone. Our brands - Theorema and Pionier - offer a variety of wrist watches featuring a Roman numeral dial, so you are sure to find your perfect match!

        Luxury Roman numeral dial watch for men

        Roman dial watches have remained a classic choice over the years. Elegant and versatile, these Roman markers can easily match any particular design. At Tufina, these fine elements are incorporated in a variety of compositions, delivering a timeless and chic look. Attractive and alluring, Roman numeral dial watches are perfect for the classy gentleman.

        We strive to create a harmonious aesthetic. The Roman numeral dials found in our timepieces are brilliantly matched with the rest of the watch’s components, guaranteeing a holistic visual representation. You can find several placement options: a Roman numeral dial where every hour is marked or a dial which displays Roman numerals only on the third, sixth, ninth and twelfth position.

        Roman numeral dial watch from Tufina

        Oslo from the Theorema collection is a great watch with a Roman numeral dial. It is equipped with an in-house automatic movement with 22 rubies, providing accurate and precise timekeeping. The lens is sapphire coated and the open back design adds a unique touch to the watch. Durable and precise, this practical timepiece is sure to become your staple accessory for any occasion.

        Another great pick from the same collection is Barcelona. This gorgeous timepiece offers a date calendar feature, a Roman numeral dial and open back composition. The combination of the Roman numeral dial and open back design makes these watches from Theorema truly unique and stylish. A manifestation of fashion and robustness, these watches are one of the best investments in luxury that one could make.

        German Roman numeral dial watches

        Tufina timepieces come from Germany, where the creation process follows all relevant laws and regulations. Our experts blend practicality and beauty, inspired by the nation's long watchmaking history. Established and certified in Munich in 2004, Tufina's two well-known lines, Theorema and Pionier, showcase the best of this art.

        These wrist watches are crafted with in-house movements and refined designs, offering great value for money when it comes to engineering and aesthetics. Incorporating genuine materials and unique designs, the watches are the result of a careful process of design and handcrafting, embodying the highest values in high-end watch manufacturing.

        Our Promise to You

        At Tufina, we strive to provide men with outstanding Roman numeral dial watches that guarantee authenticity, have been made according to German watchmaking standards, and offer an extremely stylish look. Our goal is to deliver timepieces that reflect our devotion to superior craftsmanship. Our products are made from genuine materials and parts, abiding by all German regulations. We are confident that you will find a gorgeous timepiece in our collection perfectly suitable for your style.