Tourbillon skeleton watches

Tourbillon skeleton watches

German skeleton tourbillon watches are a pinnacle of craftsmanship. Tourbillon luxury watches are of superlative engineering.

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        Tufina watches - A story to be told

        The man behind the first idea of Tufina was called Ismail Tufina. He, as a lover of traveling and jewelry, had the opportunity to meet British Edward Schroeder Prior, one of the biggest crafts movement artists. Learning from Prior, Ismail Tufina used the art of the European trade of watchmaking. In the early 1800s, the watches were mainly wall clocks, then they advanced into pocket watches and finally, wristwatches. Our family is responsible for the creation of the Clock Tower in the center of Tirana, Albania in 1822. After the fall of Berlin’s Wall, Enis Tufina moved to Hamburg, Germany, becoming a pioneer of e-commerce in 1999. And in 2004 licensing and trademarking his two brands Theorema and Pionier with the German government. Now, he manufactures his luxury timepieces from Munich, where they are hand-design and hand-assembled with in-house movements. The Tufina’s have kept their hard work and love for watchmaking, carrying on the tradition.

        Tourbillon watches - what’s all the fuss about?

        There are three types of people in the world: those who prefer half-skeleton watches, those who like full-skeleton watches, and those who don’t want either but prefer their watches completely closed off. 

        If you are a fan of closed watches and you don’t want your dial to be hard to read, we offer you open-heart watches like Geneva Tourbillon. Au contraire, if you are a fan of full skeleton watches Zurich, and Basel Tourbillon are the right alternatives for you. Below we will be mentioning some of the most infamous watches from the Pionier and Theorema skeleton watches:

        Geneva Tourbillon

        Part of the Pionier collection, Geneva Tourbillon is offered to you in gold, silver, rose, black and blue. Any color you want, you got it. Geneva Tourbillon is called the superlative watch due to its open-heart face, easiness to read, and impressive finish. The watch gives you the opportunity of looking clearly at the caliber and it is highly special because it is a limited edition. It involves an in-house automatic mechanical movement, sun and moon phase, and a sapphire crystal lens. The strap is genuine Italian leather and it has a water resistance of 3 ATM. If you are liking it already, let us tell you that we can ship it to you for free, wherever you are in the world.

        Zurich Tourbillon

        Though with the same second name as Geneva Tourbillon, Zurich Tourbillon is part of the Theorema collection. Zurich Tourbillon can be found in gold, silver, and rose. It is a timeless watch that incarnates all the mastery of the Tufina artisans. Created as a limited edition, it is an outstanding preview of German engineering with its high-end and luxurious beauty, and enduring quality. The mechanics of the watch are handmade in Germany and they show an impressive beauty that includes a sapphire crystal lens, genuine Italian leather straps, and stainless steel in gold, silver, or rose. The watch is multifunctional with a dual time and sun and moon phase. Undoubtedly, it remains one of the most wanted Tufina watches.

        Our Promise to You

        Brought to you in blue, gold, and rose, the handmade in Germany Basel Tourbillon can be found under the Pionier category. Basel Tourbillon is the best mixture of rare, unique, and masterpiece artisans. This timepiece is found as a part of a limited edition and it is offered to you as pure perfection with incredible accuracy. The main reason why this timepiece is loved so much has everything to do with its anti-gravity ability but also the fact that it contains a sun and moon phase, it is completely sapphire front and back and the strap is genuine Italian leather bands. Its case is stainless steel and finally, it includes a high-end GMT dual time. Hurry up and get yours at our official website!