White Dial Watch

White Dial Watch

A white dial watch is a timeless choice for any gentleman who appreciates elegance and style.
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        Tufina: A long tradition of dedication 

        Tufina has been synonymous with fine watchmaking for eight generations, beginning in 1828. Since then it has been renowned for its authenticity, innovation, and passion. Theorema and Pionier are its two representative brands that were launched and licensed in Munich in 2004. We are proud to present two collections made with great care and devotion, following a long tradition of horology mastery. Our luxury men's watches represent the pinnacle of excellence and prestige.

        Luxury White Dial Men’s Watches

        A white dial watch is a timeless choice for any gentleman who appreciates elegance and style. These beautiful timepieces match any outfit, creating a bright, impeccable look. Made for those who demand high-end accessories, our white dial watches for men are a symbol of glamor and prestige. 

        Beautifully decorated with elegant details, our white dial watches come in silver or gold. With genuine cow leather bands or bold stainless steel straps, we provide a wide selection of models you can choose from. If you’re looking for a luxury white men’s watch that is highly versatile, fashionable and sleek, we have the perfect alternatives for you.

        Men’s White Watches: Fresh and bright

        White dial watches for men are known for being one of the most fine accessory choices. They never fail to create a sophisticated and put-together look. These white dial timepieces are ideal for those who want to look fresh and stylish at all times. Flattering for both a casual outing or a fancy event, wearing a white dial men’s watch will forever remain a classic touch.

        If you’re looking for an outstanding watch that ensures practicality, consider the fancy Miami from our Theorema collection - a gorgeous white dial watch which features a full calendar and a beautiful open back design. For the glamorous and luxurious gentleman, the Casablanca in white is an excellent option. With a lovely mechanical movement with 17 jewels arrangement, this white dial watch hypnotizes anyone who gets to look at it. For those who are looking for something special, Copenhagen from our Theorema collection is white dial watch with a unique sun & moon phase feature.

        Made in Germany White Dial Watches

        Our timepieces are manufactured in total compliance with German regulations and laws. Licensed and launched in Munich, these watches represent the real value of German watchmaking. As a result of a lengthy and complex process of hand craftsmanship, our luxury men's watches are guaranteed to be genuine, of elite quality, and long lasting. Because they are made using only premium materials, our timepieces are meticulously assembled by hand. As a result, you'll have a lifelong investment that is unbeatable in terms of worth and artistry.

        Our Promise to You

        Our goal is to make excellent timepieces, which are built to deliver the German expertise in engineering. For the gentleman who demands top-notch timepieces, our white dial men's watches are superbly crafted to offer glamor, prestige, and sophistication. Impossible to forget,  Tufina's luxury men's watches work as a perfect statement piece or multipurpose accessory for people of all tastes.