Diamond watches for men.

ساعات الماس للرجال

ليست الساعات الماسية فاخرة فحسب بل إنها عملية للغاية. لقد تم تصنيعها من خبراء الساعات؛ لذلك تبدو باهظة الثمن عند ارتدائها دون إنفاق الكثير من المال.
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        Tufina: A long tradition of exceptional watchmaking

        The legacy of Tufina has its roots in the year 1828. Since then, eight generations of masterful craftsmen have dedicated their lives into creating a brand known for authenticity, innovation and passion. Today, Tufina comes with two iconic brands launched and licensed in Munich in 2004 - Theorema and Pionier. Following the footsteps of one of the most reputable families of watchmakers, we proudly present two collections made with great care and dedication. Perfect for the gentleman who values luxury timepieces, our men’s watches are a true manifestation of prestige.

        Luxury Diamond Men’s Watches

        Real diamond watches for men are an important investment for your wardrobe. When choosing the right diamond men’s watch one has to take many things into consideration, including the design, color, metal, band, etc. That’s why we provide a wide selection of diamond watches, so you can find your perfect pick. 

        Whether you’re looking for a timepiece featuring six, eigh, ten or twelve diamonds, our beautifully decorated dials are guaranteed to satisfy your taste. Equipped with fascinating details and handcrafted to ultimate precision, our diamond men’s watches deliver impeccable style. Ideal for the gentleman who seeks a highly distinguishable accessory, our timepieces are a classic choice.

        Men’s Classic Diamond Watches: Mesmerizing designs

        If you’re looking for an accessory that features beautiful dials delicately framed with real diamonds, you will love our diamond men’s timepieces. Marvelous case finishing and the luxurious diamond placement creates a truly sophisticated look. Meticulously designed to create a harmonious appearance, our timepieces never fail to create an aura of elegance, extravagance and glamor.

        An ideal accessory for those who appreciate high-end watches, these fascinating pieces make an unforgettable impression on anyone who looks at them. Easily matched with all styles, we provide an array of models and color combinations, guaranteed to satisfy all tastes. A true representation of value mixed with art, our diamond men’s watches are a sight to behold. 

        Made-in-Germany Diamond Men’s Watches

        Tufina Men’s Luxury Watches are manufactured in complete compliance with German regulations and laws. Made-in-Germany - launched and licensed in Munich - these timepieces embody the true value of German watchmaking. The product of a long and intricate process of hand craftsmanship, our luxury men’s watches guarantee authenticity, uniqueness and durability.

        Made using original materials, every component of our timepieces is carefully assembled by hand. Delivering the highest standards of production, these impeccable timepieces make for an investment that will last you a lifetime. A masterful fusion of artistic wroth and pristine quality, our luxury men’s watches ensure unmatchable resilience.

        Our promise to you

        Our vision stands in the creation of fine timepieces, designed to provide lasting quality and German masterful engineering. Made for the gentleman who demands high-end timepieces, our diamond men’s watches guarantee luxury, prestige and glamor. A collection of mesmerizing compositions, our timepieces are hard to forget. Perfect as a statement piece or a versatile accessory, Tufina’s Luxury Men’s Watches have something for everyone.