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ساعات وسيارات فاخرة

تتم كل خطوة من خطوات التصنيع بدقة متناهية مما يوفر ساعات متميزة لصاحبها الذي يهتم بالجودة.
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        Tufina: An innovative luxury brand

        Ever since the watch industry started to flourish, luxury cars and watches have been closely associated with one another. These timepieces were regarded as a tool watch, denoting their utility function in measuring time during specific events, in particular, during motor racing. Our brand honors this connection, delivering purpose-built chronograph watches. Designed to reflect engineering values, these accessories remain a staple for luxury car owners.

        Luxury cars & watches for men

        Our chronograph pieces allow the wearer to easily measure the time starting from a specific point. Equipped with a tachymetric scale, our men’s watches have become a highly useful accessory for car drivers, especially racers. Seen as two machineries which work in unison to complete a specific task, luxury cars and watches remain an inseparable pair.  

        However, our men’s watches have transcended their initial purpose, similarly to cars. They carry memories and stories, transforming into items of great sentimental value. Those who have a deep appreciation for precision engineering and innovation will love the superior levels of performance guaranteed by our chronographs. 

        The perfect luxury watch & car combo

        If you’re looking for a timepiece which can perfectly compliment your luxury car, consider some of our models from our chronograph series. Tirona Chronograph is a powerful timepiece equipped with an in-house quartz movement. Built to withstand years of use, this luxury watch delivers outstanding precision and accuracy.

        Featuring a date calendar, this watch is not only fashionable but also very practical. With a 5 ATM water resistance, Tirona Chronograph is a robust timepiece, perfect for the adventurous man. Exhibiting a semi-industrial aesthetic mixed with a timeless design, this chronograph is the ideal accessory for those who love luxury and speed. Available in a variety of color schemes, you are bound to find a timepiece which perfectly matches both your style and car.

        Made-in-Germany luxury men’s watches

        Tufina offers the best luxury watches made with German craftsmanship of the highest standard. These timepieces guarantee strength and accuracy, and are made for those who appreciate precise engineering and cutting-edge techniques. Thanks to our experienced craftsmen, Tufina is able to uphold the most rigorous manufacturing standards, giving life to these exact machineries.

        To make sure that our standards of excellence are always maintained, we follow a rigorous manufacturing process. Before putting the pieces of watches together, the movements are carefully inspected. If everything meets our criteria of quality, accuracy, and precision, then the watchmaker assembles all the elements within a shiny stainless steel case. Every section of our watches is thoroughly checked prior to being set up, guaranteeing superior attention to detail.

        Our Promise to You

        At Tufina, we are passionate about providing elite watches for men that love a life of luxury. Our mission is to provide men with premium, handmade watches that illustrate our appreciation for skilled craftsmanship. The combination of authentic components and German engineering standards allows us to deliver some of the greatest timepieces on the market. With a wide selection of choices, you can find a luxury men’s watch that matches both your car and overall style.