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        Tufina: Mechanical Watches combined with contemporary designs

        Mechanical timepieces are a favorite choice among watch collectors and individuals who appreciate history, tradition and technique. If you’re looking for a modern mechanical watch, Tufina offers an amazing selection of timepieces. Encompassing sophisticated designs as well as minimalistic compositions, these trendy mechanical wrist watches are made to satisfy any taste. Explore our two brands - Theorema and Pionier - and find a modern mechanical watch that best matches your wardrobe.

        Luxury modern mechanical watches for men

        Are you looking for a modern mechanical watch for men that offers a touch of luxury and is also fashionable? Look no further than Tufina. These timepieces offer a variety of options that are sure to fit any style. Whether you're looking for a classic dress watch or a sporty timepiece, Tufina has something for you. Not only are they sure to turn heads, but they are guaranteed to last for years to come. 

        Modern mechanical watches for men are the perfect combination of style and sophistication. They provide a unique blend of practicality and aesthetics that make them stand out from the rest. With the use of modern technology, these watches are designed to be highly accurate, reliable and durable. Incredibly versatile, these timepieces can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

        Modern mechanical watches from Tufina

        If you’re looking for a trendy timepiece, Oman from the Theorema collection is one of the best modern mechanical watches in the market. This mechanical timepiece features an in-house 17 rubies movement which guarantees ultimate precision. The see-through design and special sun  and moon phase detail create a truly fashionable look. Available in a variety of color schemes such as black, gold, silver, blue and rose, this striking watch is perfect for the bold gentleman.

        One of the most unique mechanical timepieces from the same collection is San Francisco. This wonderful skeletonized watch features an authentic see-through design combined with elegant elements. Golden Roman numerals are paired with baton index markers. Equipped with an in-house automatic movement with 20 rubies, this modern mechanical watch is both fashionable and reliable. The genuine leather band adds to its comfort and authenticity. 

        Made-in-Germany modern mechanical watches

        All the watches from Tufina proudly bear the ‘made in Germany’ mark. It is the result of a diverse and complicated process of creating quality timepieces. Taking inspiration from the German watchmaking legacy, Tufina offers watches with a perfect union of design and purpose. Launched and licensed in Munich, our two collections - Theorema and Pionier - make it possible for everyone to enjoy the excellence of German-made watches.

        Our watches are constructed with in-house created movements and real materials to guarantee the highest level of quality. The blend of genuine materials and creative expression are the basis of these elegant watches. The results of a lengthy and complex composition and testing procedure, these timepieces from Germany are a premium accessory worth investing in.

        Our Promise to You

        Our mission is to provide the finest in German craftsmanship in the form of luxurious men's mechanical watches. We use only genuine parts to ensure that each watch is of superior quality that will last for years. We have put in considerable effort and experience into creating timepieces that are perfect for the man who appreciates a timeless aesthetic and tremendous value. Browse through our models and we are confident that you will find the ideal watch for you.