Open Heart Watch

ساعة قلب مفتوح

يمكن لأي شخص أن يرتدي ساعة عادية، لكنها لا تقدم نفس الذوق الذي تقدمه ساعة القلب المفتوح عالية الجودة.
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        Tufina Luxury Men’s Watches: Our legacy

        Tufina watches are the product of eight generations of masterful craftsmen who dedicated their lives into creating timepieces of exceptional value. Our legacy dates back to 1828, and since then, our luxury men’s watches have been a perfect representation of the German watchmaking tradition combined with innovation and creative freedom. An artistic fusion of precise engineering and outstanding designs, Tufina guarantees an ideal blend of form and function. In 2004, Tufina came out with its two iconic brands - Theorema and Pionier - launched and licensed in Germany.

        Luxury Open Heart Watches for Men

        Considered by many as the optimal balance between appearance and functionality, open heart watches work as both a tool and an art piece. If you appreciate the inner workings and mechanisms of a quality timepiece, an open heart watch may be the right choice for you. These designs allow the movement to be seen through the front of the watch. An opening on the dial shows the balance of the watch, a romantic detail of these accessories. 

        A clever analogy between the timepiece and human body, the heart represents the intricate mechanisms which breathe life into these watches. Pristine German engineering is beautifully displayed in Tufina’s open heart men’s watches. Symmetric details, fine lines and authentic materials are combined, delivering ultimate precision and accuracy. 

        Open heart watches: A display of mastery 

        If you’re looking for a timepiece that anyone would take a moment to admire, our open heart men’s watches are truly unforgettable. Extravagant models that create a timeless look, these timepieces are a classic choice for those who prefer a unique look. 

        With a variety of compositions and different color schemes, you are bound to find a timepiece that is ideal for your style. Macau, Amsterdam, Havana, Casablanca are just a few of our open heart watch models. They showcase the complex mechanisms of our handcrafted watches in a truly mesmerizing way.

        Handmade in Germany

        Tufina men's open heart watches guarantee resilience, durability and superior precision. Meticulously handcrafted and assembled in Munich, these precious pieces are an investment in your life. These German-made watches guarantee reliability in line with German manufacturing standards.

        If you're looking for an accessory that will become part of your self-expression, an open heart men’s watch from Tufina is a perfect alternative. With a variety of color schemes, elegant mechanisms and a wide range of composition to choose from, everyone can find a watch that perfectly suits their taste.

        Our promise to you

        We believe that the fusion of quality and creativity is the key to delivering watches that everyone will love. Designed for those who demand valuable accessories, our open heart men’s watches are crafted with dedication and hard work. Using impeccable materials and components, our watches embody all the qualities of a high-end piece created with meticulous attention to detail. Browse through our wide selection of men’s open heart watches and you are sure to find a timepiece that expresses glamor, originality and elegance.