Roman index

مؤشرات رومانية

مثالية للرجل العملي الذي يريد أن يرتدي ملابس أنيقة في جميع الأوقات، فإن ساعاتنا ذات المؤشرات الرومانية هي إكسسوار فاخر مثالي
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        Tufina: Driven by a love for innovation and style

        If you are in the market for a luxurious watch with a Roman index, Tufina has a wide selection to choose from. Our Theorema and Pionier brands offer a range of styles from subtle and minimal to those with more intricate details. Whether you prefer a watch with Roman numerals on every index or one with a combination of stick markers and Roman numerals, you are sure to find the perfect timepiece in our collections. Extravagant or minimalistic, our timepieces are sure to satisfy any taste.

        Luxury Roman index watch for men

        Roman index watches have been a staple of traditional, classic timepieces for many years. They are present in both pocket watches and wall clocks, and many of the modern wrist watches today also feature this style of index. Our store offers a wide selection of contemporary designs that have Roman indexing, meant to add a touch of modernity to these ageless timepieces.

        Our collection of watches with Roman index markers encompasses both mechanical and automatic varieties. Coming in various color combinations, these timepieces are sure to suit any skin tone. Moreover, our Roman index watches are extremely versatile, easily accompanying casual and fancy outfits. Ideal for any event, these gorgeous wrist watches are a staple for many fashionable gentlemen.

        Roman index watch from Tufina

        If you’re looking for a distinct Roman index watch consider these two models. Dublin from the Theorema collection comes with a multi-patterned silver dial. Decorated with Roman numerals this gorgeous timepiece guarantees a superb design. Equipped with a full calendar compilation, this watch is not only attractive but also practical.

        Boston from the Pionier collection is another exquisite choice. Adorned with Roman index markers as well as stick indices, this classic timepiece is extremely fashionable. It is available in a variety of color schemes, including blue, silver, rose and gold. Perfect for the stylish gentleman, this watch is guaranteed to deliver outstanding quality.

        Made-in-Germany Roman index watches

        Even though the design of our watches looks traditional and elegant, the inner workings are a testament to modern German watchmaking. Our timepieces are meticulously crafted with precise measurements and extreme attention to detail using intricate mechanics. We prioritize superior quality over quantity in our high-end watches, which are all made according to German standards of manufacturing.

        These Roman index watches are renowned for their clean, simple aesthetics, outstanding accuracy, and unparalleled precision. Incorporating in-house movements, hand-carved decorations on the bridges, dials, and hands, precious jewels and diamonds, and thermally-treated screws, these timepieces demonstrate some of the most eye-catching qualities usually found in watches made in Germany. 

        Our Promise to You

        Our brand’s vision is focused on delivering special timepieces made with great commitment, dedication and passion. Our sophisticated timepieces guarantee the utility that comes with German watches, while ensuring that the designs achieve great creative heights. Ideal for any occasion, these accessories are versatile and highly fashionable. Made to easily grab everyone’s attention, our timepieces are built to establish an aura of finesse and status.