Shock resistant watch for men.

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        Tufina: A tradition of fine watchmaking

        Tufina is a brand founded on the principles of German tradition of watchmaking combined with innovation and creativity. Our legacy dating back to 1828 showcases  the dedication and passion of eight generations of honorable craftsmen. Nowadays, Tufina delivers outstanding value and impeccable designs through its two iconic collections - Theorema and Pionier. A masterful blend of precise engineering and artistic expression, our luxury men’s watches are the ideal choice for the gentleman who appreciates prestige and style.

        Shock Resistant Men’s Watches

        When investing in a luxury timepiece you want to make sure that your purchase will last you a long time. For this reason, we prioritize quality above anything else. Meticulous planning and design is the first step of the production of each Tufina watch. Guaranteeing durability and resilience, Tufina proudly presents a fine arrangement of shock resistant men’s watches.

        Featuring an Incabloc shock protection system, these timepieces are carefully handcrafted to ensure optimal protection of the inner workings of the watch. Any potential damage to the balance components and watch movement is evaded thanks to the shock protection system of our impact-resistant watches. The delicate pivots of our timepieces will be fully protected in case the watch is dropped, ensuring your timepiece stands the test of time.

        Shock Resistant Watches for Men: An epitome of durability

        If you’re looking for a timepiece that will last you a lifetime, our shock resistant men’s watches are the right choice for you. Made with authentic materials and assembled by hand, these tough timepieces are guaranteed to remain scratch-free in case you drop them. Solid construction and innovative designs make for a durable men’s watch that will last you for years. 

        Perfect for the gentleman who values practicality, these reliable accessories are a worthy investment in style. Made to resist hard knocks, the shock protection system in our timepieces can efficiently absorb the energy, providing the utmost protection for the components of the watch. 

        Made-in-Germany Men’s Watches: Licensed in Munich

        Tufina Men’s Luxury Watches are produced in full accordance with German laws and regulations. These made-in-Germany men’s watches guarantee the highest standards of quality, following the German tradition of watchmaking. Strict protocols of production and manufacturing have paved the way for the creation of these high-end timepieces. 

        Genuine materials are used to create a variety of arrangements, all ensuring longevity and sturdiness. Whether you pick our best-selling Basel Tourbillon, the extravagant St. Petersburg or the classic Sahara, our shock resistant men’s watches will become your faithful companion for years to come. An unmatchable addition to your wardrobe, these robust timepieces deliver exceptional value. 

        Our Promise to You

        We believe that combining quality and creativity is the key to delivering unforgettable watches. Created for those who demand pristine accessories, our shock resistant men's watches are designed with the latest technological developments in mind. Using pristine materials and components, our timepieces are a manifestation of luxury, durability and authenticity. Browse through our wide range of men's watches and you are guaranteed to find a timepiece perfect for your needs and vision.