Urban Watches for Men

ساعات حضرية رجالية

ساعة مصنوعة بمواد عالية الجودة للرجال ذوي الشخصية المثالية. الساعة الحضرية للرجال هي أكسسوارك اليومي. اظهر نمطك بارتداء ساعة فاخرة وعصرية وتتبع الوقت بأناقة.
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        Urban watches for men

        With our urban watches for men we strive to create products that reflect the urban lifestyle of every gentleman who appreciates luxury and glamor, creating fashionable yet practical timepieces for men who want something refined, modern and sleek. Our urban watches for men embody contemporary designs and the perfectionism that characterizes German watchmaking.

        Luxury Urban Watches For Men

        We value quality and strive to deliver watches made to the highest standards by combining German craftsmanship and creativity. Our focus lies on high-quality materials, superior finishing and a timeless chic that fits any occasion. Our watches are thoughtfully designed, keeping the needs of our customers in mind. Perfect for a modern gentleman, these urban watches for men are guaranteed to satisfy any taste.

        Our goal is to combine German craftsmanship with innovative designs in order to provide you with an exceptional timepiece that will last for years. Our urban watches for men are perfect for both daily wear as well as high-profile business and social events that require something special. Depicting a great fashion sense and exquisite taste for luxury items, these luxury men’s watches give off an aura of glamor and unforgettable style.

        Modern and sleek designs

        Our urban watches for men are made with premium materials, genuine cow leather straps, sapphire coated lens or full sapphire crystals, and beautifully polished 5 microns gold, silver or rose cases. The result of such meticulous planning is a beautifully designed luxury men’s watch that will last you a lifetime. If you prefer modern watches that make an impression on people, Tufina urban watches for men provide a variety of sturdy masculine wristwatches. With innovative, elegant and striking designs, gold, silver, black, white or blue color schemes, these grand quality timepieces deliver outstanding presence, enhanced performance and reliability.

        Made in Germany 

        Tufina luxury men’s watches are handcrafted in full compliance with German laws and regulations of watchmaking. They guarantee the outstanding quality defined by the German tradition of craftsmanship. Our watchmakers pay attention to every detail—from the design of our timepieces to their functionality; from how they feel on your wrist to how they look on you when you're wearing them out in public. We want our customers to know that they’re investing not only in style and comfort, but also in quality luxury men’s watches that will last for years.

        Our brand’s history dates back to 1828, and it speaks of an immense passion for quality watchmaking, horology and craftsmanship. Nowadays, we continue to work on our mission to deliver luxury men’s watches with unique urban designs. We constantly work on improving our products and further expanding our collections to deliver a range of different designs of urban watches for men.

        Our Promise to You

        Tufina is dedicated to delivering quality luxury men’s watches and proudly continuing our tradition of skillful watchmaking. We’re always looking for new ways to design and deliver authentic urban watches for men. Embodying the highest quality of watchmaking, our luxury men's watches are the product of meticulously planned designs and masterful craftsmanship, using premium quality, original materials. Made for those who demand premium quality, fine details and outstanding performance. These hand-assembled timepieces are a perfect choice for the modern gentleman who appreciates glamor, authority, and a sense of fashion.