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        Water resistant watches

        Our brand is the product of eight generations of hard work and commitment. Driven by passion and creative freedom, our brand represents the core values of German craftsmanship. Made with meticulous attention to detail, Tufina Men’s Luxury Water resistant Watches are the embodiment of true mastery and handmade artisanry. Since 2004, Tufina has delivered premium  quality timepieces from our two representative collections - Theorema and Pionier - launched and licensed in Munich, Germany.

        Luxury Men’s Water Resistant Watches

        Men’s water resistant watches from Tufina guarantee durability and longevity. Through an intricate and careful design process, our craftsmen have ensured that the inner workings and complex mechanisms of our watches are fully protected from splash water. With 3 ATM water resistance, anyone wearing our timepieces won’t have to worry about water contact in daily use. 

        For the practical gentleman who wants to be dressed in style at all times, our men’s water resistant watches are an ideal luxury accessory that can easily withstand humid weather and rain. These 3 ATM water resistant men’s watches are a valuable addition to your wardrobe. A worthy investment that will last you a lifetime, these timepieces deliver exceptional value. 

        Water resistant watches: A lifetime purchase

        If you’re looking to invest your money on an accessory that will accompany you for many years to come, our men’s water resistant watches are guaranteed to satisfy you. Tufina Men’s luxury watches provide a variety of models to choose from. With beautiful color combinations, leather or stainless steel straps and endless elegant details, there are many different compositions you can pick to best suit your style.

        From our popular Zurich Tourbillon, Madrid, Toronto or Havana, Tufina offers an array of 3 atm water resistant watches for men. When purchasing a timepiece from our collections, you don’t need to fret about the quality of your chosen timepiece. Every single watch from our brands guarantees exceptional durability and value. 

        Made-in-Germany Water Resistant Watches

        Germany is well-known for its high standards of watchmaking. A leader in watch production, this country has paved the way for every watchmaker. Our made-in-Germany timepieces are in full accordance with the German laws and standards of manufacturing. As such, they stand out from the crown for their great worth and authenticity.

        Carefully handcrafted using certified materials, our men’s water resistant watches guarantee outstanding worth, sturdiness and unmatchable precision. Every single component is made of genuine materials. Meticulous planning and designing are the preface of our watch production. Ultimately, these timepieces deliver a true composition of mastery and accuracy. 

        Our promise to you

        Providing high-end products that are meant to last a lifetime- that is our mission. We are committed to delivering fascinating designs that guarantee the highest standards of quality. Tufina Men’s Water Resistant watches are crafted with resilience in mind. Our goal is to ensure the best protection for our timepieces. Made for the gentleman who values practicality, these robust watches ooze glamor and prestige. Flattering for every style and perfect as a statement piece as well, a Tufina Men’s Luxury Watch is bound to suit even the most extravagant tastes.